Standardization of juice extraction methodology and preparation of functionally enriched products from rhododendron flowers

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College of Horticulture, Bharsar Campus, V.C.S.G. Uttarakhand University of Horticulture and Forestry
The present studies entitled, “Standardization of juice extraction methodology and preparation of functionally enriched products from Rhododendron flowers “were conducted during 2014-16 in the department of Food Technology, VCSG uttarakhand university of horticulture and forestry, Bharsar, pauri garhwal. Rhododendron arboreum is also known as Burans. It is very attractive edible flower. With the good edible quality also possess excellent Pharmacological and anticancer properties. The red blooms of Burans flowers are supposed to be good for the heart patients. The standardization was done for obtaining higher juice extraction with superior quality from rhododendron flower using different amount of water and petals combination with specific time-temperature. However, 30% water with 250g of petals gives higher yield of juice extraction. The optimized juice extraction techniques were taken for development of value added products. Functionally enriched value added products like sugar based rhododendron squash, honey based rhododendron squash and apple rhododendron jam were prepared. Both the product made by standardization of juice % and TSS was kept according to FPO specifications. Both types of Squashes are prepared with two different sweetening agents sugar and honey with 30% juice and 45˚B sugar concentration is better in organoleptic properties than other combinations. Good quality jam with the 25% of rhododendron juice and 75% of apple pulp could be prepared and stored with minimum damages among the other treatments physiochemically and organoleptically even after 180 days of storage interval. These products had higher sensory scores with better quality characteristics and were successfully stored for a period of six months.