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Efficacy of Teat Protect spray in prevention of bovine mastitis


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National Symposium on Veterinary Research Priorities in Translational Animal Health, Production and Food Safety
20th Indian Veterinary Congress, Annual Conference of IAAVR, TANUVAS

Mastitis is one of the most economically significant diseases affecting profitability of the dairy farmer. A unique formulation named Teat Protect made up of a thick polymer base with polyherbals was developed for use as a protective spray to prevent mastitis. This formulation is biodegradable, made up of food-grade materials that form a protective covering on the udder that is easily washable. A clinical trial was conducted to evaluate the comparative efficacy of the developed Teat Protect with iodine and potassium permanganate teat dips that are commonly used in the field. The somatic cell counts (SCC), microbial counts and milk yields were compared before treatment and 30 days post-treatment in 10 crossbred cows for each group. Milk was collected from each quarter separately and tested resulting in 40 samples per group. The results for SCC indicated that there was highly significant reduction in SCC in all groups before and after treatment. However, when the treatment effects were compared between groups, Teat Protect spray had highly significant reductions while the other groups had only significant reduction as compared to the control (water washed without disinfectant) group. Similar effect was seen with the microbial counts also. Teat Protect spray resulted in a significant increase in milk production of about 0.43 litre / milking while the other two treatments did not produce any significant increase in milk production. Using SCC of 5.0 lakhs / ml of milk as cut-off for subclinical mastitis, Teat Protect could reduce the SCC from above 5.0 lakhs to below it in 100% of animals treated while the other treatments could only reduce it in 30% of animals. Hence Teat Protect spray is an additional armoury in our fight against mastitis with multi-beneficial effects as compared to existing interventions.



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