Screening of some promising temperate Mulberry (Morus spp.) cultivars on the basis of their rooting behaviour using different media and growing conditions

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SKUAST Kashmir
An investigation on the rooting behaviour of some temperate mulberry (Morus spp.) cultivars using different position of shoot, media and growing conditions was undertaken in the Division of Sericulture, Mirgund during 2002. The experiment was conducted to study the rooting behaviour of six mulberry cultivars viz; Limoncina, Kokuso-20, Kairyoroso, Francee, KNG and Chinese White (check). The study revealed that basal cuttings grown in sand media significantly improved rooting under polyhouse compared to middle and apical. Highest rooting of 93.33% was recorded from basal cutting of Limoncina under polyhouse condition, which excelled in most of the root and shoot characters. The rooting was 83.33, 80 and 73.33 per cent in Chinese white, Francee and Kokuso-20 cultivars respectively. Further, sand and soil media under polyhouse proved better than soil alone in improving rooting, while sand media performed better in improving root characters viz; average number of primary roots (8.03), length of the primary root (21.74 cm) and biomass underground (1.45 g). Sand and soil growing media also significantly improved shoot characters viz; average number of leaves (23.13), height of sapling (33.00 cm) and biomass upperground (30.76 g). Among the tested cultivars Limoncina and Francee were found superior over other varieties in most of the root and shoot characters in both the experiments.
M.Sc Thesis submitted to SKUAST-K Kashmir
Cuttings, Media, Rooting and Shoot position, Mulberry, Sericulture