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Sodium chloride nutrition of coconut palms

Agricultural Research Journal of Kerala, 22(1), 17-21.

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Kerala Agricultural University
NaCI nutrition of coconut palms, coconut palms.

An experiment was conducted at the Coconut Research Station, Pilicode, Kerala to study the effect of substitution of potassium applied to coconut by sodium. Twentyfour year old coconut palms grown in laterite soil and which received N,P and K at the recommended dose were selected for the study. Replacement of potassium applied as KCI at the rate of 1000 g K20/palm/year to the extent of 50% or even 75% by Na.,0 applied as NaCI for 5 years did not reduce the yield of nuts. Application of NaCI at this rate for 5 years to the laterite soils of Pilicode receiving fairly good rainfall did not alter the pH, EC and aggregate stability of the soil.


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