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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995-07-19Simultaneous transport process in soils and claysSanyal, Saroj Kumar; Nanda, Mahuya
2000-02-01Role of diazotrophs in nitrogen economy of wetland rice soilsM. C., Kabi; Choudhury, Ashok
1999-05-10Effect of organic manure with the inoculation of nitrogen fixing and phosphate solubilizing bacteria on microbial population and nitrogen fixing and phosphate solubilizing power of ginger rhizosphereDey, Bimal Krishna; Saha, Niharendu
1985-07-25Morphology, mineralogy, genesis and classification of Himalayan foothill soils of West BengalS. S., Sahu; Saha, Radheshyam
1979-07-10Investigation on some natural productsN., Adityachaudhury; Mitra, Santi Ranjan
1992-05-06Yield, nutrition, biochemical translocation and chemical kinetics of nutrient availability in soil-rice plant system under varying water and salt stressS. R., Mandal; Mukherjee, Pradip Kumar
1973-09-04Transformation of phosphorus in rice soil with reference to growth and nutrition of riceL. N., Mandal; Khan, Sunil Kumar
1971-09-22Studies on trace elements in rice soils with reference to the growth and nutrition of riceL. N., Mandal; Halder, Murariprasad
1996-07-19Phosphate sorption / desorption characteristics of some acidic soils in relation to fertilizer efficiency of some sparingly soluble phosphorus sourcesSanyal, Saroj Kumar; Saha, Soumen
1979-12-29Studies on the chemistry of waterlogged soil in relation to growth and nutrition of rice with particular reference to micronutrientsL. N., Mondal; Das, Dilip Kumar