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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1984Abnormal inflorescence in banana var. palayamkodanJob Sathya Kumar Charles; Varkey, P A; KAU
1981Abnormal rice panicleRamankutty, N N; Arthur Jacob; Balakrishnan, P C; KAU
2016Absorption and translocation of 32P by root (wilt) affected coconut palmsMoossa, P P; Beena, S George; KAU
1968Absorption and translocation of streptomycin by tomato plants and its effect on the microbial population in the rhizosphereRema Devi, L; Sam Raj, J; KAU
2005Abundance and distribution of the nonconventional deep-sea finfish resources off the south-west coast of India (lat.7-10N)Rajasekharan Nair, J; Sajeevan, M K; KAU
2017Academy of Climate Change Education and Research on water resources in the command area of a river diversion schemeMary Regina, F; Abhijith, V; KAU
2002Acceptability and nutritional evaluation of hyacinth bean genotypes (Lablab purpureaus (L.) Sweet)Usha, V; Vanisree Kathi; KAU
1978Acceptance and relative intake of different foods by two species of rats (Rattus rattus Linn. and Bandigota Bengalensis gray) in KeralaPillai, K S; Nair, M R G K; KAU
2012Access to institutional credit-an economic analysis of tenant farming in east Godavari district of Andhra PradeshSatheesh Babu, K; Haritha, Chitturi; KAU
2010Accomplishing food security through community based initiatives in Thrissur:A participatory analysisJiju P, Alex; Mridula, N; KAU
2016Accumulation of heavy metals in typic sulfaquents of Kuttanad ecosystmBeena, V I; Aneesa, Beegum M M; KAU
2016Accumulation of heavy metals in typic sulfaquents of Kuttanad ecosystmBeena, V I; Aneesa Beegum, M M; KAU
2017Acidity amelioration and nutrient management practices for mitigating yield constraints of rice in Vaikom KariKumari Swadija, O; Devi, V S; KAU
1968Acrocercops zygonoma meyrick as a pest of Mango in KeralaRemamony, K S; Das, N M; Nair, M R G K; KAU
1995Adaptability and acceptability components of the rice cultivar kunjukunjuElsy, C R; Sukumara Dev, V P; Rosamma, C A; Rajan, K M; Nadarajan, L; KAU
2002Adaptability of cauliflower genotypes in the high ranges of KeralaPradeepkumar, T; Sajith Babu, D; Aipe, K C; KAU
2005Adaptability of crossbred pigs under different housing and feeding systemsJoseph Mathew; Anton Roseline, J; KAU
2002Adaptation behaviour of vegetable growers in crisis situationsJose Joseph; Boban Paul; KAU
1975Additional host of Botryodiplodia theobromae patSusamma Philip; Ramanatha Menon, M; KAU
1986Additional source of resistance to bacterial wilt in brinjalJessykutty, P C; Peter, K V; KAU