Development of Amla Whey Drink

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Karnataka Veterinary, Animal and Fisheries Sciences University, Bidar
Whey beverages have been recognized as a genuine thirst quencher, refreshing, healthful and nutritious drink. Amla or Indian gooseberry also known as ‘Nelli’ is rich source of vitamin C. The antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral effect of amla juice can improve the therapeutic benefits of whey besides improving vitamin C levels. Attempts have been made to utilize whey for preparation of palatable refreshing beverage with the addition of amla juice. Amla whey drink was prepared by blending amla juice (10 percent), sugar (10 percent) into chhana whey followed by pasteurization at 72°C for 1min. The ascorbic acid content of whey was increased by 5 times on addition of amla juice. Lactose hydrolysed amla whey drink was prepared by addition of 10 percent amla juice and 8 percent sugar to hydrolysed chhana whey followed by pasteurization for inactivation of enzyme. Hydrolysis was carried at incubation temperature of 45°C and pH 6.5 with an enzyme concentration of 2ml/L for 60 min to obtain 80 percent lactose hydrolysis. Lactose hydrolysis significantly improved the overall acceptability of amla whey drink. On storage at refrigeration temperature, the unhydrolysed and hydrolysed amla whey drink packed in glass bottles had a shelf life of 1 month and 3 weeks respectively. Thus amla whey drink is expected to provide a healthy nutritive drink due to additive nutritional value of both whey and amla. This technology also facilitates economic utilization of whey in a profitable manner.
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drying, dryers, biological phenomena, productivity, diseases, iron, leaf vegetables, hydration, spinach, application methods