Genetic Studies on Some Economic Traits in Exotic, Desi Pigs and Their Crosses under Farm and Village Condition of Rearing

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Birsa Agricultural University, Ranchi
1.Genetic group had significant effect on all the growth traits under study at various stages. of life both under farm and village conditions of rearing. (11) In general, higher body weight was observed in Hampshire than those of LWY & T&D followed by halfbreds (LWY x D&H x D) and desiunder farm conditions of rearing, whereas, the values under village conditions of rearing was found to be highest in T&D than those of LWY halfbreds followed by Large White, Hampshire, Hampshire halfbreds and Desi. (iii) Almost similar growth rate were recorded in T&D and LWY halfbreds, but both were significantly superior to Hampshire halfbreds. (iv) Males were slightly superior to females in growth rate at most of the ages, but the differences were non-significant statistically. (v) Growth rate during preweaning period decreased with the increase of litter size at birth of their dam. (vi) There was significant increase in pre weaning growth rate with the increase of their birth weight but it had non-significant influence on post weaning growth rate. (vii) There was a significant increase in post-weaning growth rate in progressive manner with the increase of their weight at the time of weaning.