Impact of Chromium Propionate Supplementation on Stress Markers, Immune Response and Productive Performance of Buffaloes

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Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology of Jammu (J&K)
The work was aimed to study the effect of chromium propionate supplementation on morphological, physiological, hemato-biochemical, oxidative, immunological, hormonal, expression pattern of HSP family genes and productive parameters in lactating buffaloes during summer, autumn and winter seasons. Eighteen numbers of lactating buffaloes were selected and divided into 3 groups viz control, treatment -1 (T1) & treatment-2 (T2). T1 and T2 groups were supplemented with 9mg & 18mg chromium propionate/head/day, respectively in all the seasons; whereas, control group was not given chromium supplementation. Blood and milk samples were collected from each animal at an interval of fifteen days during all seasons and assessed for hematobiochemical, oxidative, immune, hormonal and productive parameters. It was observed that chromium propionate supplementation significantly lowered (P<0.05) RR, PR, WBC, blood glucose, cholesterol, SOD, LPO, GPx, GST, catalase and cortisol levels in animals; whereas, significantly increased (P<0.05) Hb, PCV, RBC, eosinophil, total protein, T3, T4, HSPA8, milk protein, milk fat and total milk yield recorded in supplemented groups. Chromium supplementation had no effect on hair length, skin thickness, RT, RBC, neutrophil, lymphocyte, basophil, monocyte, ALT, AST, prolactin, total Ig, IgG, SNF and lactose level in any season. Significant higher (P<0.05) PR, RR, ALT, AST and cortisol levels were observed in summer season; whereas, Hb, PCV, T3, T4, HSPA2, HSPA1A, HSPA8 and total milk yield were significant higher (P<0.05) during winter season. Season did not have any significant effect on hair length, skin thickness, RT, lymphocyte, basophil, monocyte, prolactin, HSPA1L, total Ig, IgG and lactose level in different treatment groups. Hence, it was observed that thermal stress negatively affects the parameters, thereby causing a decrease in total milk production and its composition. Chromium supplementation @ 9mg/head/day and 18 mg/head/day was found to ameliorate thermal stress (hot and cold) in lactating buffaloes as observed by improvement in physiological, oxidative, hormonal and production parameters. Between the two doses of chromium supplementation, dose of 18 mg/head/day was found to be better during summer stress as reflected in some parameters like respiration rate, WBC count and oxidative stress parameters.
Impact of Chromium Propionate Supplementation on Stress Markers, Immune Response and Productive Performance of Buffaloes