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Agriculture is the primary growth engine of the Indian economy as nearly 70 per cent of the population of the country depends on agriculture. Potato is a major cash crop of India. Potato (Solanum tuberosum L) popularly known as ‘The king of vegetables has emerged as fourth most important food crop in India after rice, wheat and maize. China is ranks first in area and production of potato in the world. India is the second largest producer of potato in the world. Uttar Pradesh is the first largest state in production of potatoes. The highest growth in area was observed in Uttar Pradesh followed by west Bengal, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh. Gujarat‘s Banaskantha now top potato producing district in India. Potato is grown in more than 100 countries, under temperate, subtropical and tropical conditions. Multi stage sampling technique was adopted to select the taluka, village and farmers. Total sample was 120 farmers and 10 dealers. It was found that the majority of farmers i.e., 82.5 per cent farmer have occupation of agriculture and 9.16 percent were having business followed by 8.33 percent service as their secondary occupation. The study revealed that the average total cost per hectare of potato cultivation was to the tune of Rs. 115083/-. The share of operating cost in the total cost of cultivation was as high 62.69 per cent. It was clearly shows that the K Max bio fertilizer farmers had higher income (Rs. 1, 80,362) than the other brand bio fertilizer farmers (Rs. 1, 62,456) did in the cultivation of potato. The average yield of main potato product from hectare of land was 182 qtl and 168 qtl by K Max bio fertilizer and other brand bio fertilizer provide respectively. The cost of production per quintal over all the cost were higher in potato cultivated by the other brand farmer as compared to K Max bio fertilizer farmers in the district on Cost. As compare to this K Max bio fertilizer bears quite less cost for cultivating potato in district i.e. Rs. 255, Rs. 341, Rs. 351, Rs. 386 on cost Cost A, Cost B, Cost C1 and Cost C2 respectively. The net return and benefit cost ratio over the entire cost concept in the cost of cultivation for K Max bio fertilizer growth the income over cost A found higher (Rs. 72502) in the K Max as compared to the other brand farmers (Rs. 69546). The average net return and benefit cost ratio in one hectare of land obtained by the K Max bio fertilizer farmers (1.60) found higher than other brand bio fertilizer farmers (1.48) over total cost of cultivation. The potato growth rate only for production was positive and significant. The growth rates of area and yield under potato crop found positive but non-significant in sabarkanthas district. The growth rates of area, production and yield under potato crop found positive but non-significant in Gujarat State. Constraints faced by the farmers was high cost and lack of knowledge of the Bio fertilizers. Large majority of the dealers faced constraint of high competition among dealer. The company had adopted skimming price policy to sell its wide range of their products in the market among which K Max having a price of Rs. 3700/-, but very competitive as far as quality was concerned. Turnover of K Max was 8.55 lakh which was the highest among other competitor companies.