Evaluation of alternative banking services amongst farmers of district Udham Singh Nagar of Uttrakhand

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G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar - 263145 (Uttarakhand)
Udham Singh Nagar is using e –service to meet its growing customer satisfaction demand during last few years on preference base. This research work is carried to find out if gap exits somewhere in service functioning and delivery channels. One of the primary objectives of this research was to gain an understanding of how customers can feel more satisfaction at every stage of operation during use of these alternative banking services and to what extent there problems can be solved through these alternative banking channels which adversely affects customer satisfaction. According to available information it is realized that sent percent of private sector banks and Public sector bank were fully computerized .Today, core banking, ATM, EFT, NEFT, RTGS, MICR clearing, Electronic Clearing Service (ECS), Speed clearing, credit card, debit cards, internet banking and mobile banking are available to survive customer in India. Based on the survey, interviews and observations during the research, study made some recommendations which will focus on how to increase customer satisfaction. In order to enhance the customer satisfaction in alternative banking by offering high quality services study were intended to recommend the bankers and the service designers based on research experiences. This study reveals that there were a very few number of customers were strongly satisfied. This indicates that there is wider scope to enhance these services through providing better service quality. The findings of this study provide a foundation to pursue further research in alternative banking and concluded some meaningful results regarding customer satisfaction in alternative banking services and examined customer satisfaction level comparatively. As per study area concern, almost of banks providing ATM, EFT, NEFT, RTGS, MICR clearing, credit card, debit cards, internet banking and mobile banking. According to information collected by interview of farmers approximately 84 per cent customers were using ATM services, 80 per cent Using KCC (KISAN CREDIT CARD) , 38 percent of EFT/NEFT/RTGS facilities, and 100 percent of cheque book holder benefited by MICR services. However, very few customers were using credit card, 20 percent using internet banking and 14 percent using mobile banking services in Udham Singh Nagar. The present study indicates Customer Awareness, Perceived usefulness and Security Concern are the major factor which act as driving force in influencing people to adopt alternative banking .Inadequate knowledge about the usage of e-channels, Lack of confidence are the main problems faced by the customers which are considered as main obstacles and thus awareness through extension work is needed with urgent attention to curb this menace. ATM facility and KCC facility are highly satisfied the customer’s requirement and customer prefer public sector banks KCC. The present study indicates that there is significant difference in service quality of alternative banking services provided by public and private sector banks in Udham Singh Nagar. Customer satisfaction are the most important and focused area in the banking industries. All dimensions of service quality are positively affecting on customer satisfaction. Hence study finalized 13 dimensions of alternative banking services quality as determinants of customer satisfaction that will be further categorized in to four factor. So that in present study four major factor was identified. When study calculate overall customer satisfaction banker need more emphasis on service level, Trust level, usefulness of services and behavior of bank employee.