Workspace Environment of the Computer operating Employees in Banking Sector- An Analysis

The banking sector is a part of a nation’s economy as banks play vital role in implementing and planning of the financial policy. All the transaction of money and financial issues come under the banking sector. So it is very important that the employees have very good mental and physical status to deliver their responsibilities to the utmost perfection. A good work space environment can lead to high productivity where as a poor workspace environment can cause problems to the workers and the organization. Comfortable and ergonomic office design motivates the employees and increases their performance substantially (Deshpande, 2013). Furthermore, work stress can affect workers in many ways; from lowering resistance to illnesses and depriving them of sleep, to interfering with their concentration as a result more injuries and accidents occur (Adeyemi 2013). This study was aimed to investigate musculoskeletal disorders and onset of stress and its relationship due to the effect of workstation factors like illumination, temperature, humidity, noise, office furniture and colour of walls on computer operating employees of banking sector of Jorhat town. Data was collected through the use of questionnaire and observation methods from 129 bank employees and was analysed through statistical methods. About 40.3% employees 28.63% Male and 11.62% Female) were found to suffer from different musculoskeletal problems. The study found a significant relation with some workstation environment factors and musculoskeletal disorders. Apart from this, some workstation environment factors were also found to have significant relationship with stress outcome of the employees. The study suggested that people must understand their workspace environment factors and should design it in terms of their body requirements and adhere to recommended ergonomic specifications in a proper way for better performance and productivity maintaining good health and wellness.