Haemato-biochemical response in grey donkeys working with pack loads in southern Agro-climatic zone of Tamil Nadu

Haemato-biochemical alterations were evaluated in adult Grey donkeys (n=30) working with pack loads equivalent to 50% of live body weight to estimate their draught power. Before and after work haematological (Hb, PCV, TEC, TLC and platelets) and biochemical parameters (BUN, creatinine, total protein, albumin, ALT, AST, Total bilirubin, calcium, phosphorus, glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides, sodium, potassium and chloride) were assessed. All haematological parameters were significantly increased (p<0.01) post work. Biochemical examination revealed a significantly (p<0.05) increased in serum BUN, creatinine, ALT, AST, ALP and triglycerides concentration; on the other hand, significant decrease was observed in blood total protein, albumin, glucose, cholesterol, sodium, potassium and chloride concentration. This study concluded the characterization of normal haemato-biochemical values in Grey donkeys in southern districts of Tamil Nadu along with the effect of pack load on haemato-biochemical indices.