Studies on Quality Characteristics of Khoa Based Sweets Prepared with Low Calorie Sweetener

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Karnataka Veterinary, Animal and Fisheries Sciences University, Bidar
Studies were conducted on quality characteristics of khoa based sweet incorporated with artificial sweetener. Sugar was replaced with sucralose during preparation of peda, kalakand and gulabjamun. Upon sensory evaluation, it was revealed that the peda and kalakand made by 100% replacement of sugar with sucralose and gulabjamun with 75% sugar replaced with sucralose in syrup were adjudged as the best acceptable products. Replacement of sugar with sucralose leads to increase in moisture, fat, protein, lactose and ash content of peda, kalakand and gulabjamun and decrease in sucrose content. Upon physico-chemical analysis it was revealed that there was decrease in HMF content in peda and kalakand but there was no change in HMF content of gulabjamun. Increase in water activity had found in all the three products resulted in decrease in hardness. Replacement of sugar to sucralose in the syrup of gulabjamun will not affect the oil holding capacity but increases the water holding capacity. The control and sucralose incorporated product samples at room temperature (280C) and refrigeration temperature (70C) were subjected to microbiological analysis i.e. total bacterial count, coliform and yeast and Mold count. Increase in count had been noticed in all the sugar replaced with sucralose products than control throughout the storage. Increase in acidity and FFA was found in sugar replaced products than control during storage. Blood glucose responses in human volunteers were monitored upto 2 hrs. after ingestion of modified milk sweets. The blood glucose responses in the products containing sucralose revealed the lowest fluctuations i.e., the sharp raise and sudden fall was not there. Addition of sucralose in peda, kalakand and gulabjamun reduces the glycemic load of these products thus, transforming high / moderate GI foods to low GI foods which can be safely consumed by early diabetics as well as individuals likely to be prone for diabetic conditions.
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Studies on Quality Characteristics of Khoa Based Sweets Prepared with Low Calorie Sweetener