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AAU, Jorhat
Green gram(Vignaradiata) is one of the most important and most widely cultivated pulse crops in India. The knowledge of seed drying and storage mechanism of green gram crop is essential to minimize the loss and quality standards of the seed. The present study is a preliminary step for identification of storage potential of green gram variety Pratap. A laboratory experiment was carried out to evaluate the effect of drying temperatures on various seed quality parameters and evaluation of these quality parameters over subsequent storage period. The experiment was carried out in the Seed Technology and Research Laboratory of Assam Agricultural University. In the present study four different drying temperatures were used viz. 35°C, 40°C,45°C and 50°C and sun drying was taken as control. After a particular drying period (for each treatment different drying period), when it reaches the desired moisture content (8%, wet basis), the seeds were removed from the hot air oven and stored in HDPE (high density poly ethylene) interwoven bags.. Observations were taken at bimonthly interval and the final observations were taken at the nine months of storage. Based on the results it was found that drying at 50°C decreased the drying time by almost 50% compared to drying at 35°C but it was detrimental to embryo viability and germination. The highest germination, seed vigour index, seed viability and field emergence were found in the samples dried at 35°C which was at par with sun drying. The lowest pest incidence was observed in the samples dried at 50°C, whereas the highest pest incidence percentage was found in samples dried under sun and it was statistically different with all other treatments. However, with the increase in storage duration, the seed quality parameters were found to be decreased except pest infestation which was found to be increased. Although in most of the cases drying temperature 35°C was found at par with sun drying but due to unpredictability and inherent disadvantages along with resultant high pest infestation during storage it cannot be recommended. Thus, from the present study drying temperature of 35°C is recommended for drying and subsequent safe storage of green gram seeds.