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Authors: Mandeep Kaur
Advisor: Thind, K.S.
Title: Irradiation induced mutagenesis in sugarcane
Language: en
Type: Thesis
Agrotags: trait manifestation
breeding programme
Abstract: A study on irradiation induced mutagenesis in sugarcane was undertaken to investigate genetic variability for economic traits and red rot disease. Twelve hundred single bud setts of cv. Co J 64 were irradiated with gamma rays at 0, 10, 20, 25 and 30 Grays (Gy). The experimental material of M1V1 generation was planted during spring 2012 and second generation (M1V2) during 2013. Data was recorded on ten economic and quality traits in addition to reaction to red rot disease. Mutagenic treatments generated significant variation for germination, number of tillers/clump, number of millable canes/clump, cane height, HR brix, leaf length and single cane weight in both M1V1 and M1V2 generations indicating the potential of mutagenic treatments for creating genetic variability for different traits in sugarcane. Average cane height among different treatments ranged from 166.60 to 185.80 cm with a mean of 171.2 cm. Mean leaf length for different treatments varied from 106.30 to 114.80 cm with an average of 111.40 cm; maximum of 114.80 cm being recorded through 10 Gy treatment followed by control. Cane weight an important trait in sugar cane breeding programme ranged from 720.00 to 961.66 g. Maximum single cane weight was recorded for control followed by 10 Gy and 20 Gy treatments. The higher doses had a retarding effect on this trait. Artificial evaluation of irradiated subclones against two red rot pathotypes Cf 08 and Cf 09 using plug method revealed moderate resistance for all the mutagenic treatments. It is inferred that genetic variability could be induced in sugarcane using gamma rays for traits like germination, cane height, leaf length, HR brix, single cane weight and to red rot tolerance. The lower doses of gamma ray (10 and 20 Gy) were more effective to induce variation while higher doses have detrimental effects. The sub clones need to be further evaluated in M1V3 for their consistency in trait manifestation and future use in breeding programme.
Research Problem: Irradiation induced mutagenesis in sugarcane
Issue Date: 2014
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