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Evaluation of F1 hybrids of pansy (Viola tricolor L.) for better growth and quality flower production


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Dhatt, K.K.
Punjab Agricultural University
Evaluation of F1 hybrids of pansy (Viola tricolor L.) for better growth and quality flower production

Studies were carried out at research Farm of Department of Floriculture and Landscaping to evaluate pansy hybrids for various growth parameters and floral characteristics and these accessions were used for there suitability as garden decoration, pot culture, bedding and exhibition purposes. The maximum plant height of 37.49 cm and plant spread of 36.99 cm was recorded in A-12. The minimum plant height of 20.16 cm was recorded in Accession A-18 and minimum plant spread of 20.14 cm was recorded in Accession A-19. The Accession A-13 with plant spread of 35.08 cm can be used for exhibition purpose and Accession A-8 with spread of 24.86 cm can be used for bedding purpose. Higher number of branches (21.60/plant) was recorded in Accession A-1 and the maximum number of flowers i.e. 91.16 per plant was recorded in Accession A-11. The longer flowering duration of 96.16 days was recorded from Accession A-5 followed by 95.83 days in Accession A-12. The flowering duration was shorter that is 86.66 in Accession A-9. The maximum stalk length (11.0 cm) was recorded in Accession A-20. All the hybrids took 56.56 to 63.95 days to bloom after transplanting. The maximum time from transplanting to flowering was recorded in Accession A-5 i.e. 63.95 days and minimum 56.56 days in Accession A-14. The bigger size of flower was recorded in Accession A-3 i.e. 4.83 cm and it was smaller i.e. 3.12 cm. From the 20 hybrids of Pansy, most of the Accessions recorded the chocolate blotch colour. The petals of Accession A-2, A-5, and A-6 were of plain yellow colour. The Accession A-1, A-5, A-15 and A-20 were of Yellow colour and Accession A-3, A-8, A-13 and A-16 were of Purple colour


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