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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Studies On Growth, Yield And Quality Traits Of Potato (Solanum Tuberosum L.) As Influenced By Biofertilizer, Potassium And CultivarMukhopadhyay, S. K.; Ray, Dhiman
2006IWM in groundnut and wheat with special study on soil solarization and crop-weed competitionGhosh, R. K.; Ghosh, Pritam
2002Preceding rice-straw management in winter paira crops under rainfed 3-crop systemDas, N. R.; Panda, Debkanta
2001Studies On The Biomass Production Of Some Arable Crops Within The Tree Canopies Under Different Alley Cropping SystemsMaiti, S; Pradhan, Ujjwal Baran
2002Fertilizer Management In Winter Paira Crops Under Rainfed 3-Crop SystemDas, N. R.; Majumdar, Sandip Kumar Mitra
2006Comparative Study Of Organic And Inorganic Packages In A Multiple Cropping System Under New Alluvial Zone Of West BengalPramanick, Mahadev; Dwary, Avijit
1999-11-26Response of Berseem to graded levels of NPK and sulphur on herbage production and their residual effect on biomass production of maizeA. K., Mukerjee; Mishra, Gouranga Charan
1998-06-20Studies on growth and productivity of mustard under different management practicesDas, Mrinmoy; Ghosh, Sanjoy
1989-12-04Evaluation of some agrotechniques affecting yield and quality of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas (L.) LAM) and methods of its storageSen, H.; P. K., Jana; Mukhapadhyay, Swapan Kumar
1989-03-30Studies on the comparative efficacy of nitrogenous fertilizers on different field crops (Cereal, oilseed, fibre and tuber)A. N., Dasmahapatra; R. C., Samui; Singh, Rajesh Kumar