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Knowledge Level of True-to-Type Salem Black Goat Farmers on Climate Change


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International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences
Climate change, Knowledge, Salem Black Goat

Climate change refers to any change in climate over time. Developing countries are more vulnerable to climate change than developed countries because their economies are dependent on climate sensitive sectors like agriculture and livestock. In India, livestock sector is considered as one of the important livelihood option for rural population. Within livestock sector, goat farming is one of the important livelihoods option for unprivileged section namely landless, small and marginal farmers and they rear the goats in low input traditional system. But the system of production has been under pressure from outside due to negative environmental implications. The present study was undertaken to understand the knowledge of goat farmers about climate change. For this study climate change knowledge test was constructed. With the help of pretested interview schedule data was collected from 340 True-to-type Salem Black traditional goat farmers. Half (50%) of the True-to-type Salem Black traditional goat farmers had medium level of knowledge, 96.18 per cent of the respondents had knowledge on species resistant to climate change and none of the respondents had knowledge on the institutions working on climate change in India. High significant difference exists between Salem Black True-to-type goat farmers and NICRA beneficiaries in the knowledge level on climate change. Salem Black goat farmers are in a position to understand climate variability and the management practices which help them to improve the production and productivity of goats in the climate change era.



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