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Authors: Allwin, B
Gokarn, NS
Vedamanickam, S
Gopal, S
Pandian, SA
Title: Occurrences of Human Wild Pig Conflict in Tamil Nadu - India
Other Titles: Journal of Ecosystem and Ecography
Language: en
Type: Article
Pages: 1-4
Volume: 6
Series/Report no.: ;3
Agrotags: Veterinary Science
Keywords: Wild pigs; Meteorological factors; Conflict; Management
Abstract: The study was carried out to assess the Human wild pig conflict and how the occurrences of conflict varied with the climatic factors. The areas adjoining the Mudumalai wildlife region, Sathyamangalam wildlife region and Anaimalai wildlife region of Tamil Nadu, India were included in this study programme. The documentation of the quantifiable meteorological factors in the identified conflict areas was done using the weather portal of TNAU. The occurrences of conflict were also classified as low, medium and high based on the intensity. Conflicts were graded as low, medium and high. Low - infrastructure damage, water source contamination, rooting of land and ecological damage, moderate-agricultural crop raiding, livestock preying, damage to forest restoration and grasslands, high- injury to humans, causing fatalities. Suitable management related measures were recommended pertaining to the findings observed in regard to wild pig- human conflicts pertaining to the variations in the meteorological factors of the areas were studied. The findings revealed that the climate played an important part in the vegetation of plants in the study area and this regulated the crops which in turn regulated the occurrences of conflict. Hence this study would prove useful in addressing conservation and conflict issues.
Description: TNV_JEE_2015_6(3)1-4
Issue Date: 2015
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