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Ameliorating new capacities to translate the gap for the improvement of livestock production and Healthcare


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National Symposium on Veterinary Research Priorities in Translational Animal Health, Production and Food Safety
20th Indian Veterinary Congress, Annual Conference of IAAVR, TANUVAS

Livestock farming plays a major role in the agricultural business and economy. Especially in our country livestock production is becoming progressively more intensified as producers and traders respond to increasing demands of consumers in urbanized societies for milk, meat, other livestock products and animals. Keeping in view of this demand, there is an alarming situation to overcome the challenges such as increasing productivity without degrading feed and genetic resources, and of ensuring that diseases of a transboundary or zoonotic nature are early recognized and brought under control. Livestock farming has to be well managed by providing proper nutritional food, shelter and medication. TRPVB has played a major role in recent years to provide information and share knowledge and develop novel/ modern technologies in animal production and health, and their application to support sustainable livestock production systems. We have fulfilled the regulatory requirement in disease diagnosis and screened more than 20,000 samples across our country to declare disease free animals for diseases such as Brucellosis, Infectious bovine rhinotracheitis, Para tuberculosis, and Trichomonosis from various farms including bull semen production stations during the period of 2015 to 2020 January. We have made a small attempt to address the translational gap by ameliorating new capacities to solve the limitations of livestock production and Healthcare.



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