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Complete genome sequence analysis of canine Parvovirus new 2a variant strain isolated from a dog with severe haemarrogic gastroenteritis in South India


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National Symposium on Veterinary Research Priorities in Translational Animal Health, Production and Food Safety
20th Indian Veterinary Congress, Annual Conference of IAAVR, TANUVAS

The canine parvovirus (CPV) infection is characterized by severe hemorrhagic gastroenteritis and myocarditis in dogs caused by different antigenic variants CPV-2a, CPV-2b, New CPV-2a, New CPV-2b and CPV-2c and these antigenic variants are evolved rapidly and completely replaced the original CPV-2 variants in throughout the world. In India, there are several reports even in vaccinated dogs with CPV infections in recent years and the predominant type of antigenic variant is CPV-2a. Here, we report a virulent field CPV-2a strain, ABT/CPV/MVC02, was isolated from a faecal sample of a dog with severe haemorrhagic gastroenteritis in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. The genome sequence of ABT/CPV/MVC02 was determined and analyzed to study the CPV-2 antigenic variants currently circulating in India. The genomic sequence of ABT/CPV/MVC02 comprises of 4495 nucleotides (nt) containing two open reading frames (ORFs). ORF1 (nt 1-2007) encoded two non structural proteins (NS1 and NS2), and ORF2 (nt 2014-4270) encoded two structural proteins (VP1 and VP2). The genome sequence of ABT/CPV/MVC02 shares 99.33% nucleotide identity with those of CPV new 2a variants (MH476591 and MH476580) strains and shares 99.20% and 98.98% nucleotide identity with JQ268284 (CPV 2b) and KU508407 (CPV 2c) strains respectively. There is one insertion site at VP1 region (nt- 2113) and two deletion sites were found at 3’ untranscribed region (UTR) (nt-4478 and 4481). The present study reveals that the ABT/CPV/MVC02 CPV-2a new variant strain circulating in India is evolving rapidly with unique variations at nucleotide level. Nucleotide sequence accession number: The genome sequence of new CPV-2a strain ABT/CPV/MVC 02 has been deposited in Gen Bank under the accession number MN661243.



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