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Authors: Seema, B
Advisor: Muraleedhara Prasad, R
Title: Role of Farm Women in the decision making process of a farming community in Trivandrum District
Publisher: Department of Agricultural Extension, College of Agriculture, Vellayani
Language: en
Type: Thesis
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Keywords: Attitude towards farming, Achievement Motivation, Knowledge in farming
Abstract: A study was undertaken among the farm women of Nadar community in Neyyattinkara taluk of Trivandrum district in order to find the role played by them in decision making related to their farm and home. The study was conducted with the following objectives: 1. To identify the areas of decision making by the farm women related to their socioeconomic life. 2. To study the role perception and role performance of the farm women in decision making. 3. To study the extent of participation of farm women in implementing the decisions related to their socio-economic life. 4. To correlate the selected characteristics of farm women and their role perception role performance and extent of participation in implementing the decisions. The study revealed that more than 50 per cent of the respondents perceived six areas viz, decisions regarding purchase and sale of land, storage and marketing of produce, care and management of animals, family budget and children's education as very important whereas, decisions regarding plant protection and implements to be used were perceived as not important. Among the 14 areas studied, joint decisions were made in purchase and sale of land, care and management of animals and children's education. Independent decisions were made in storage and marketing of produce. Majority of the respondents participated in implementing the decisions, in storage marketing of produce and care and management of animals. Occupation was the only variable found to have significant relation with role perception.Attitude towards farming and knowledge in fanning were found to be negatively, but significantly related with joint role performance. Significant positive relation was established between contact with extension agency and independent role performances Attitude of women towards their status and extent of participation in implementing the decisions were positively related.
Description: PG
Subject: Agricultural Extension
Theme: Farm Women in the decision making process of a farming community
These Type: M.Sc
Issue Date: 1986
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