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Studies on different balanced anaesthetic combinations for buffaloes undergoing diaphragmatic herniorrhaphy


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(Ashok Kumar
Buffalo, Diaphragmatic herniorrhaphy, Glycopyrrolate, Etomidate, Xylazine, Pentazocine, Propofol and Sevoflurane
Studies on different balanced anaesthetic combinations for buffaloes undergoing diaphragmatic herniorrhaphy

The study was conducted on forty buffaloes suffering from diaphragmatic hernia reported to the Veterinary Clinical Complex, Lala Lajpat Rai University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Hisar. Animals were randomly divided into eight groups having five animals each. After pre-anaesthetic medication with glycopyrrolate, and dexmedetomidine/xylazine (Four groups for each drug out of eight groups), each animal was restrained in lateral recumbency for induction of anaesthesia. Before induction, pentazocine was given intravenously. Propofol/etomidate was used as induction agent in four groups of each including two groups of Glycopyrrolate-Xylazine and two groups of glycopyrrolatedexmedomidine as anticholinergic and sedative drugs respectively and sevoflurane/ isoflurane as maintenance anaesthetic agents. Scores for premedication, induction, maintenance and recovery were good while scores for sedation, analgesia and muscle relaxation were fair in all the groups without any significance difference between them. No significant change was recorded in rectal temperature, heart rate and respiration and non-invasive blood pressure during the entire period of anaesthesia within all the groups. Significant difference was observed in the group GDPES from rest all groups at the time interval before rumenotomy, before drug administration and at 30 minutes of inhalation with the values 361.6 ± 131.26, 438.4 ± 94.39 and 418.2 ± 80.71, respectively (x103 /mm3 ) and also in hematocrit valuve before rumenotomy. No siginificance was observed in any biochemical parmeters was observed in any group. However, when compared between groups siginificance was observed in values of LDH, ALP, GGT, Triglycerides, Cholestrol, Calcium, Phosphorus, Total protein, Albumin, Sodium, Chloride and Cortisol at different time interval of study. All the anaesthetic combinations were found effective as well as safe for buffaloes undergoing diaphragmatic herniorrhaphy.


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