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Lifetime Production Performance of Jersey x Red Sindhi Crossbred Cows


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Livestock Research International
Production performance, Jersey, Red Sindhi, Crossbred cows.

The present investigation was carried out to evaluate lifetime production performance in terms of productive life (PL), herd life (HL), total life (TL), life time milk yield (LTMY), milk yield per day of productive life (MY/PL), milk yield per day of herd life (MY/HL) and milk yield per day of total life (MY/TL) of Jersey crossbred cattle maintained at PGRIAS, Kattupakkam, Tamil Nadu. The overall least squares means standard errors were 886.06 ± 37.54 days, 1432.25 ± 49.21 days, 2684.96 ± 49.75 days, 4411.14 ± 194 kg.12, 4.96 ± 0.08 kg, 3.25 ± 0.14 kg and 1.53 ± 0.04 kg, respectively for PL, HL, TL, LTMY, MY/PL, MY/HL and MY/TL. Heritability estimates for PL, HL, TL, LTMY, MYPL, MYHL and MYTL were 0.044, 0.114, 0.085, 0.095, 0.073, 0.139, and 0.114 respectively. Performance of the Jersey crossbred herd was comparatively lower in terms of lifetime production traits studied.



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