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Authors: Lalljee, Sehr Vanya
Soundararajan, C.
Singh, Yogendra Deep
Sargison, Neil D.
Title: The potential of Small Ruminant Farming as a means of poverty alleviation in rural Southern India
Publisher: TANUVAS, Chennai
Language: en_US
Type: Article
Pages: 303-311
Volume: 51
Agrotags: Veterinary Science
Veterinary Parasitology
Keywords: Veterinary Science, Veterinary Parasitology, Sheep, Poverty alleviation, Opportunity cost of labour, Husbandry and health management, Natural disaster
Abstract: Small ruminant production has the potential to address the global challenge of greatly increased food production in impoverished rural areas in a manner that is socioeconomically sustainable and carbon efficient. Twenty-six small ruminant landless farmers in three villages in the Kanchipuram District of the state of Tamil Nadu were surveyed with regard to their sheep farming practice and production indices, with the preliminary aim of evaluating the potential of small ruminant farming in alleviating poverty in parts of rural in southern India.
Description: TNV_TAHP_51_2019_303-311
Issue Date: 2019
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