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Comparative study of certain fruit qualities of twenty pineapple varieties

Agricultural Research Journal of Kerala, 16(1), 28-32

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Kerala Agricultural University
Pineapple varieties, pineapple-fruit quality, Valerabanga-pineapple variety , ripley queen and queen-pineapple variety

A study was undertaken to evaluate the fruit quality of twenty pineapple varieties during the fruiting season of 1975-76 at the Pineapple Research Centre, Vellanikkara, Trichur. In fruit weight, Kew was found to be far superior to all other varieties except Smooth Cayenne. But in certain other dessert qualities like colour and texture of flesh, flavour, sweetness and T. S. S. varieties like Mauritius, McGregor, Ripley Queen, Queen and Valerabalanga were found to be superior to Kew. The variety Valerabanga was found to show a superior sugar-acid blend as compared to Kew. This suggests its use as a parent material in breeding works for further improvement of Kew.


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