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Authors: Gopimony, R
Balakrishnan, S
Kannan, K
Gopalakrishnan, R
Title: Pollination studies in pineapple varieties
Publisher: Kerala Agricultural University
Citation: Agricultural Research Journal of Kerala, 14(2), 113-117.
Language: en
Type: Article
Pages: 5
Volume: 14(2)
Agrotags: null
Keywords: Pineapple varieties, Pineapple-pollination studies
Abstract: Study was undertaken using four varieties of pineapple to find out the time of anther debiscence and flower opening, time interval between various stages of flower development and best time of hand pollination for maximum seed production, i !u- time of flower opening and anther dehiscence in 'Kew* pineapple was found to be between 4 . 1 5 am and S a m The time interval between various stages of flower development was studied and found to be much shorter than those observed under Hawaii conditions. The results from the pollination trialshave shown that hand pollination in 'K.ew' variety of pineapple using pollen from three other compatible varieties can be successfully done at any time between 4.15 and 10.45 am.
Issue Date: 1976
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