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Ultrasonic Evaluation of Uterus and Ovary During Dioestrus in Bitches


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(Ultrasonic Evaluation of Uterus and Ovary During Dioestrus in Bitches)

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Mishra, P.C.
Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology, Bhubaneswar
Ultrasonic Evaluation, Uterus, Ovary, Dioestrus, Bitches
Ultrasonic Evaluation

The research work on ultrasonographic evaluation of uterus and ovary in both pregnant, non pregnant and pyometric bitches during dioestrus was carried out with an objective to evaluate uterine (UA) arteries, umbilical (Uma) arteries and ovarian haemodynamic changes during dioestrus in pregnant and non pregnant bitches,to perform conceptus ecobiometry for foetal growth assessment during pregnancy and to study the ultrasonic, biochemical (BUN, Creatinine and ALP) and certain relevant haematological parameter in pyometra cases of bitches. Total sixty (60) number of bitches with known history were selected for ultrasonography. Out of 60 bitches, thirty (30) were pregnant, twenty (20) were pyometric and ten (10) non-pregnant bitches were taken as control between 1-8yrs of age, weighing 5-35kg. Thirty pregnant bitches (30) were again divided into three groups small, medium and large based on their body weight each having ten (10) number of animal. Among twenty (20) pyometric cases, ten (10) were cystic endometrial hyperplasia (CEH) case and ten (10) pyometric cases. A real time, Doppler ultrasonograohy machine (ALOKA PROSOUND ALPHA 6) with a multi frequency (3 to 11 MHz) convex probe was used for monitoring the uterus and ovary trans-abdominally starting from 25-28th day of gestation. There was significant difference in the haemodynamic parameters of uterine artery and umbilical artery measured during 20-30,30-40 ,40-50 and 50-60 days of gestation. Statistically there was also significant difference in the mean PSV,EDV,PI and RI values of uterine artery between pregnant and non pregnant bitches and also in the mean values of PSV,EDV,PI of ovary between pregnant and non pregnant animals but no significant difference in the RI value at (P < 0.05) level. Placental thickness proved to be a important echobiometric parameter that helped in prediction of date of whelping and could be measured throughout the length of gestation and abdominal area measurement helped in prediction of parturition date towards mid to late stage of gestation. In the present study bitches suffering from pyometra showed significantly higher resistance in Doppler waveform of uterine arteries as compared to cystic endometrial hyperplasia (CEH) and normal dioestrus bitches. Dioestrus and CEH groups showed lower blood flow velocities when compared to pyometra groups. Conversely dioestrus and CEH groups showed higher haemodynamic indices in comparison with pyometra groups. Statistical analysis revealed that there was highly significant difference (P< 0.05) in the PCV and TLC values between normal dioestrus and pyometric bitches but there was no significant difference in haemoglobin level and TEC values.There was a significant increase in the mean of BUN, Creatinine and ALP level in pyometric bitches as compared to normal dioestrus bitches at (P< 0.05) level.



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