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Mode of presentation and viewer preference of agricultural programmes through various channels of television


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Seema, B
Department of Agricultural Extension, College of Agriculture, Vellayani
Agricultural programmes, farm programme viewers
Viewer preference of agricultural programmes through television

This study entitled “Mode of presentation and viewer preference of agricultural programme through various channel of television” was carried out in Attingal, Neyyattinkara, Nedumangadu and Thiruvananthapuram corporation of Thiruvananthapuram district with the following objectives. to compare the mode of presentation, subject matter coverage, time and frequency of farm telecast through different Malayalam channels. to study the viewing behaviour of farmers in relation to farm telecast to study the relationship of selected characteristics of television viewers with their viewing behaviour. to suggest steps to improve the farm telecast programmes. The characteristics of farm programmes telecasted through two Malayalam channels were also analysed. The data were collected using the pretested interview schedule developed for the study. The interview schedule prepared in English was translated into Malayalam before administering to the respondents. The data were collected from 100 respondents and the collected data were analysed using statistical tools such as mean, percentages and correlation analysis. The major findings of the study are as follows. 36% of the programme viewers were occasional viewers, whereas 28% were viewing the programme once a week. 63% of viewers viewed the programmes completely and keenly. Majority of the viewers viewed all agricultural programmes and had the habit of taking down notes. Majority of the viewers discussed and clarified the doubts regularly with other progressive farmers and extension agents. Social participation, mass media exposure and cosmopoliteness were significantly and positively related with viewing behaviour while age, education, occupation, annual income, innovation proneness, scientific orientation and economic motivation had no significant relationship with viewing behaviour. The most preferred mode of presentation was discussion with experts and progressive farmers. The most preferred time for agricultural programme telecast was evening. The most preferred time duration was 15-30 minutes. Suggestions for improvement of the farm programmes are: cover a wide range of programmes on discussion mode, interview and straight talk. More programmes on Agricultural engineering, Forestry, sericulture, cooperative etc. should be included. The programme should preferably be telecast in the evening hours for a duration of 15-30 minutes.



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