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National Conference on "Native Chicken Production" - December 2018
TANUVAS, Chennai
Veterinary Science, Poultry Science

An adult female desi chicken carcass was brought to the Department of Veterinary Pathology, Madras Veterinary College, Chennai - 600 007 with a history of sudden collapse. On gross visual examination, the carcass was poor in body condition and the eye balls were sunken. Visible mucous membranes were pale with prominent keel bone. Internal examination of the carcass revealed an enlarged liver which was adherent to the fibrinous membranous deposits. The epicardial surface of the heart was entirely covered with fibrinous deposits which was very hard to peel off. Cardiac chambers were empty. Spleen was enlarged and pin point foci was evident on cut section of the parenchyma. Lungs were edematous.



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