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Immune Response of New Zealand White Rabbits Immunized with Midgut Antigen of Rhipicephalus haemaphysaloides


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International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology
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Midgut antigen,Rhpicephalus haemaphysaloides,antibody response, ELISA

New Zealand white rabbits were experimentally immunized with crude and partially purified midgut antigen of Rhipicephalus haemaphysaloides.The crude and partially purified midgut antigen of Rhipicephalus haemaphysaloides characterized by SDS- Page revealed 11 protein bands with Coomassie blue staining ranging from 20.1 to 80.4 kDa and 3 protein bands at 35.9,43.0,53.2 kDa respectively while with silver staining 8 protein bands were seen ranging from 20.1 to 58.3 kDa. Western blot studies of crude and partially purified midgut antigen of R. haemaphysaloides revealed 5 immunogenic bands at 25.3 29.0,35.4,66.0 kDa and 4 immunogenic bands at 25.4, 35.9,43.0 and 58.3 kDa respectively.The midgut antigen was found to be immunoprotective as the weight of engorged females, egg masses and egg rate conversion efficiency reduced by 40 and 47.4, 70 and 75, 49.31 and 56.27 percent respectively in the case of crude midgut antigen 54.56 and 40.1,76 and 78,46.62 and 65 percent respectively in the case of partially purified midgut antigen on both the 28th and 63rd day post immunization (DPI) challenge. Agar gel immunodiffusion test revealed antibody response from day 21 to 56 DPI in case of crude midgut antigen and from day 21 to 63 DPI against partially purified midgut antigen. ELISA revealed an increase in antibody titre from 7 to 63 DPI in immunized animals when compared to control animals.The lymphocyte transformation test revealed the maximum stimulation was observed on 42 DPI in group I and in group II.



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