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Efficiency of K and irrigation on nutrient availability and uptake of nutrients in ash gourd

Journal of Tropical Agriculture, 31(2), 193-197.

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Kerala Agricultural University
Ash gourd, crops.

A field experiment was designed to assess the effect of K on available nutrient status of the soil and uptake of nutrients by plants at different irrigation levels. The available nutrient contents of N, K and exchangeable Ca were found to be increased by the application of K while available P and exchangeable Mg content remained unaffected. Available P was more when IW/CPE ratio was 0.50. The uptake of N was significantly influenced by the application of K only at the full vegetative phase. Pand K uptakes were significant both at the full vegetative phase and harvesting stage. The uptake of Ca and Mg decreased as the level of K increased except at the full vegetative phase.


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