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Comparative sensory evaluation of breast meat of different chickens


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International Journal of Chemical Studies
Akinik Publications
Commercial broiler, Aseel, colour broiler, sensory evaluation

A study on comparative sensory evaluation of breast meat of different chickens viz commercial broiler (35 days), Aseel (90 days) and colour broiler (56 days) was conducted. All the chickens were slaughtered scientifically and breast meat was used for taste analysis by eight member descriptive sensory panel. Nine point numerical scale was used to assess the sensory evaluation. The appearance, flavour, juiciness, tenderness and overall acceptability were highly significant (P≤0.05) among different chickens. Commercial broiler chicken and Aseel had significantly higher (P≤0.01) flavor score, tenderness, overall acceptability and significantly higher (P≤0.05) appearance score than colour broiler meat. The breast meat colour was dark red in Aseel, pale pink in commercial broiler and yellowish in colour broiler. However, juiciness was significantly higher (P≤0.05) for commercial broiler than Aseel and colour broiler. It can be concluded that the commercial broiler and Aseel had better breast meat sensory scores than colour broiler.



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