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Dandekar, V.S.
Dr. Balasaheb Sawant Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth, Dapoli , Dist : Ratnagiri
Animal Husbandry and Dairy Science

The kharvas or colostum cake is an indigenous milk product prepared from colostral milk. It is prepared since many years by adopting local procedure or recipe. steam cooking of the mixture of colostral milk admixed with normal milk, sugar and condiments. Thus, a smooth junket is formed which is then cut into pieces of desirable size and served as delicacy, either in hot or cold state. Attempts have been made to prepare artificial colostrum cake by utilizing white of egg, whey protein powder and other ingredients. However it is found that this artificial colostrum cake lacks typical flavour. Mango (Mangifera indica L.) is the most popular and choicest fruit of the tropics. It is also known as „king of fruits‟ due to its high palatability, excellent taste, flavour and nutritive value. It is good source of vitamin A and C. In India more than thousand mango varieties are grown on commercial scale. Alphonso is one of the leading commercial cultivars of mango. It is the best variety for table as well as for processing purpose and is known as the “Pride of the Konkan”. Processed alphonso mango pulp has unique ability to blend with other food ingredients including milk products. It is observed that alphonso mango pulp can be successfully utilized for all categories of milk products like concentrated, coagulated, fermented and frozen. Alphonso mango pulp adds aesthetic value to the milk products as well as its nutritional significance. However so far no attempts have been made to utilize it for value addition in colostrum cake. The investigation was carried out in the Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairy Science, College of Agriculture, Dapoli. The research was carried out in two phases. In phase I optimum level of white of egg and whey protein powder for preparation of good quality artificial colostrum cake was determined. In this phase three level of white of egg and two levels of whey protein powder were used simultaneously in combination to determine most optimum level. Overall six different mixes were prepared. The optimum level was determined on the basis of sensory evaluation of the product. The results revealed that treatment T3 i.e. artificial colostrum cake prepared by using 50 per cent cow milk, 15 per cent white of egg, 10 per cent whey protein powder and 25 per cent skim milk powder secured highest score, so it was selected for further studies in phase II. In the phase II enrichment of artificial colostrum cake was examined by blending with alphonso mango pulp. The most acceptable treatment in the present study was observed to be T3 i.e. blending with 15 per cent mango pulp with overall acceptability score of 8.07 followed by treatment T2 prepared by using 10 per cent mango pulp with score of 7.84 while lowest score was obtained by treatment T4 prepared by using 20 per cent mango pulp with score of 7.50. From the results of present investigation, it may be concluded that mango pulp could be successfully utilized for preparation of artificial colostrum cake. Addition of mango pulp in artificial colostrum cake improved sensory quality and acceptability of the product. The most acceptable quality artificial colostrum cake can be prepared by using 15 per cent mango pulp of the weight of artificial colostrum cake mix and it contained on an average total solids, fat, protein, ash and acidity as 40.62, 2.55, 14.22, 2.31 and 0.38 per cent respectively. Addition of mango pulp was observed to increase production cost of artificial colostrum cake. The cost of artificial colostrum cake production at T1, T2, T3 and T4 was 42.80, 43.10, 42.66 and 43.66 per 100 gm. The production cost of artificial colostrum cake of most acceptable level (T3) was 42.66 per 100 gm.


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