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Comparative performance of liquid and carrier based bioinoculants in sunflower


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Mane, S. S.
Vasantrao Naik Marathwada Krishi Vidyapeeth, Parbhani
Cobb-Douglas, Banana, Carbohydrates

A field experiment was conducted to study the comparative performance of liquid and carrier based bioinoculants in sunflower during rabi season of 2015 on experimental farm Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, College of Agriculture Badnapur . The treatments comprised of three combinations of carrier based and liquid bioinoculants along with uninoculated control and recommended dose of fertilizers which were replicated eight times in Randomized Block Design. The results emerged out indicated significant increase in germination percentage and plant height with dual inoculation of Azotobacter + Bacillus megaterium along with recommended dose of fertilizers. The liquid inoculant (T8) was found better as compared to carrier based but results where statistically at par. Similarly, seed and stalk yield of sunflower was also increased with single as well as dual inoculation of N-fixer and P-solubilizers along with RDF over uninoculated control and only RDF. Significantly highest values were recorded with dual liquid inoculants and these where at par with dual carrier based inoculants. Further, content and uptake of major (NPK), micronutrients (Zn and Fe) also improved with N-fixers and P-solubilizers showing better results in dual inoculation as compared to single inoculants. Quality in terms of oil yield, head diameter and number of seeds per head also improved with these bioinoculants. The nutrient availability after harvest of sunflower and microbial properties also noted significantly better in bioinoculant treated plots as compared to uninoculated control and only RDF. Through, liquid inoculants showed better performance but carrier based bioinoculants were also found equally at par with the respective N-fixer and Psolubilizer treatments.


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