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Pathological Evaluation of Anti-Tumour Effects of Withaferin A against Experimentally Induced Mammary Tumour in Rats


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Sakthivelan, S.M. | Sridhar, R. | Ramesh, S.
TANUVAS, Chennai
Veterinary Science, Veterinary Pathology, Withaferin A, DMBA, Mammary tumours, Rats, Tamoxifen
Veterinary Pathology

The present study was conducted to explore the anti-tumour effect of Withaferin A in DMBA induced mammary tumours in Sprague-Dawley rats. Seventy two rats were equally and randomly distributed to each of the control, DMBA, tamoxifen and Withaferin A groups. Each group contained eighteen rats. The study was conducted for a period of 16 weeks. Animals from DMBA, tamoxifen and Withaferin A groups were administered with 4 weekly doses of 5 mg DMBA/animal in olive oil by oral gavage beginning at the 45th day of age. From the day of first dosing of DMBA, tamoxifen (100 μg/kg BW/Day) was given daily in gingelly oil to tamoxifen group and Withaferin A (16 mg/kg BW/thrice a week) was given thrice a week in PBS (pH 7.4) to Withaferin A group by oral gavage till the end of study


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