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Authors: Gupta, Deep Mani
Advisor: Suresh Chander
Title: Clinical, Endocrinological & Biochemical studies on ‘CIDR’ treated anoestrous buffaloes under rural condition
Publisher: LUVAS
Language: en
Type: Thesis
Keywords: Anoestrous, Buffaloes, Heifers, CIDR, Clinical, Endocrinological, Biochemical
Abstract: A study was conducted on 18 pubertal buffalo-heifers and 15 parous buffaloes more than 90 days post partum reportedly anoestrous in village Dahima, Distt. Hisar, regarding efficacy of a Controlled Internal Drug Release (CIDR) device containing progesterone for induction of oestrus and associated endocrinolgical and blood biochemical alteration in the treated animals. The device was kept intravaginally for a period of seven days followed by administration of 500 I.U. of PMSG at the time of CIDR removal and fixed time insemination with frozen semen at 48 and 72 hours post device removal. The blood samples were collected from the treated animals prior to CIDR insertion (Day 0), on the day of CIDR removal (day 7) and on the day of first A.I. (day 9) to monitor the changes in plasma progesterone, oestradiol-17 and certain macro and microminerals, total proteins and cholesterol. Six normal cycling buffaloes served as controls for blood biochemical investigations. The CIDR was retained by all except two animals. Oestrus induction was observed in 44.77 percent heifers and 40 percent buffaloes based on the clinical signs of hyperaemia of vulva and vagina and mucous discharge from vulva at the time of first A.I. The conception rate at induced oestrus was 16.66 per cent in heifers and 53.84 percent in parous buffaloes. Pretreatment plasma progesterone profile revealed that only four animals were acyclic while the remaining had progesterone concentration more than 1ng/ml suggesting suboestrus or unobserved oestrus in these animals. A rise in circulating progesterone level was observed on day 7 post CIDR insertion whereas the levels of progesterone declined to less than 1ng/ml in eight animals on day 9 i.e. two days after CIDR withdrawal. The mean progesterone concentration on day 9 were less than the levels observed on day 7 in both heifers as well as buffaloes. The mean plasma oestradiol-17 levels exhibited two fold increase on day 7 compared to the day 0 level. The circulating oestradiol-17 concentration declined in nearly half of the treated animals by day 2 post withdrawal of CIDR while in the remaining levels were still high. The blood plasma calcium, phosphorus and magnesium concentration did not vary significantly at different sampling intervals in treated animals except that the calcium levels in heifers were significantly lower on day 9 as compared to the pretreatment level. No significant difference was observed between follicular and luteal phase of oestrous cycle in normal buffaloes with respect to the plasma concentration of these macrominerals. Cyclic buffaloes differed significantly from the treated animals in their plasma miicrominerals profile. The concentration of copper, manganese and zinc were significantly lower in cyclic buffaloes than the treated buffalo-heifers. Significant difference was observed in plasma copper and manganese concentration between oestrus and dioestrous phase of oestrous cycle. While the former was significantly higher on the day of oestrus in normal buffaloes, the latter was significantly higher on day 10 of oestrous cycle. These microminerals did not vary significantly following treatment of anoestrous buffaloes with CIDR. Total plasma proteins and total cholesterol concentrations were not affected by the stage of the oestrous cycle or progesterone treatment in buffaloes. Adult parous buffaloes differed from buffalo-heifers with respect to their plasma inorganic phosphorus and total protein concentrations, heifers having significantly lower concentration at all the sampling intervals than the adult buffaloes.
Subject: Animal Reproduction and Gynecology
Theme: Clinical, Endocrinological & Biochemical studies on ‘CIDR’ treated anoestrous buffaloes under rural condition
These Type: M.V.SC
Issue Date: 2006
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