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Karale, Dr.A.R | Desai, Dr.U.T | Pawar, Dr.V.S | Warade, Dr.S.D
M.P.K.V. Rahuri ^ 1 3 722, Dist.-Ahmednagar, Maharashtra (India

The present investigation was undertaken during the rabi season of 1996 at Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth, Rahuri, with a view to standardize suitable agro-techniques for newly developed onion cv. "Phule Suvarna." The experiment was laid out in Split-Plot Design with three replications and 18 treatment combinations comprising of two levels of planting layouts (flat bed and ridges and furrow) and three nitrogen levels (50,100 and 150 kg/ha) as main factors and three spacings (15x10,15x15 and 15 x 20 cm ) as sub-plot factors. The growth factors viz. plant height, average neck thickness and average equatorial diameter (43.87,0.73 and 6.41 cm, respectively ); yield contributingparameters viz. average weight of bulb (69.64g), total yield (314.232 q/ha), yieldof marketable bulbs (283.057 q/ha) and percent ware sized bulbs (79.21%)were significantly superior and the yield of small bulbs (6.688q/ha) wassignificantly least on ridges and furrow. The growth contributing characters such as height of plant, number offunctional leaves, average neck thickness and quality parameter nitrogen content of bulbs were recorded highest and percent bolting (4.08%), total soluble solidsand yield of bolters were obtained minimum at 150 kg N/ha. Significantly xvii superior equatorial diameter and yield attributes such as average weight of bulb(71.57g), total (323.611 q ) and marketable (293.259 q ) yield per hectare andquality parameters such as Uniformity co-efficient , proportion of ware sized bulbs (79.08%) and the minimum yield of small and twin bulbs were observedwith application of 100 kg N/ha. In wider spacing (15 x 20cm) number of functional leaves, average neckthickness, average equatorial diameter and average weight of bulb weresignificantly increased. The average polar diameter and yield of small bulbs wassignificantly reduced with wider spacing. Total (324.281 q/ha) and marketable ield (292.136q/ha), proportion of ware sized bulbs (79.74%) and uniformity coefficient of bulbs were significantly superior at square planting of 15 x 15cm. The interaction effects of planting layouts, spacings and nitrogen levels were observed on neck thickness, yield of small bulbs and uniformity co-efficientfor equatorial diameter of bulb. The least yield of small bulbs was recorded onridges and furrow at 100 kg N/ha and square (15 x 15cm ) planting Planting on ridges and furrow with application of 100 kg N/ha gave highest uniformity coefficientfor equatorial dia eter of bulbs.The results obtained in the present investigation indicated at for cv.Phule Suvarna the spacing 15 x 15cm with ridges and furrow layout and 100 kgN/ha fits best to obtain higher yields good quality bulbs.


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