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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999-09Preliminary Report on the Seroprevalence of Japanese Encephalitis among Animals in Tamil NaduKumanan, K.; Ramesh, A.; Velmurugan, R.; Seema, M.T.; Nachimuthu, K.; Padmanaban, V.D.; TANUVAS
1992-09Suitability of Poly Ethyleneglycol (PEG) Treated Serum for Growth of BHK21 Cell CulturePadmaraj, A.; Kumanan, K.; Shyambabu, A.; Padmanaban, V.D.; TANUVAS
1997-06Dot-enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay for the Detection of Canine Adenovirus Type - 1 AntigenKumanan, K.; Velmurugan, R.; Jayakumar, R.; Nachimuthu, K.; Padmanaban, V.D.; TANUVAS
1992Characterisation of Newcastle Disease Viruses Isolated in IndiaKumanan, K.; Elankumaran, S.; Vijayarani, K.; Palaniswami, K.S.; Padmanaban, V.D.; Manvell, R.J.; Alexander, D.J.; TANUVAS
1994A Sulphate Reducing Bacterium From Sheep RumenVijayarani, K.; Kumanan, K.; Chandramohan, Andrew; Rao, R. Govinda; Padmanaban, V.D.; TANUVAS
1992-06Effect of Propagation in BHK21 Cell-line on Virulence of a velo-genic Newcastle Disease VirusKumanan, K.; Padmaraj, A.; Padmanaban, V.D.; TANUVAS
1996Virion Polypeptides of Sheep-Pox Virus (Ranipet Strain)Jaikumer, D.; Kumanan, K.; Ramadass, P.; Padmanaban, V.D.; TANUVAS
1998Organization of Mass Vaccination Campaigns for Rabies Control in IndiaJayakumar, R.; Kumanan, K.; Chandramohan, Andrew; Thirumurugan, G.; Gowri, M. Mangala; Velmurugan, R.; Nachimuthu, K.; Padmanaban, V.D.; TANUVAS
1997-06Restriction Endonuclease Profile of Fowl Pox VirusJaikumar, D.; Padmanaban, V.D.; Kumanan, K.; Ramadass, P.; TANUVAS
1993-01Monoclonal Antibody Screening of Rabies Virus Infection in and around MadrasJayakumar, R.; Kumanan, K.; Sundararaj, A.; Padmanaban, V.D.; TANUVAS