Enhancement of Biohydrogen Production from Cattle Rumen Fluid by Optimization of Micronutrients
Indian Veterinary Journal
In this study, biohydrogen was produced by dark fermentation using the microbes present in the rumen of the cattle as inoculum and the rumen fluid as the medium. Initially the biohydrogen produced was found to be of 29.6 μmol/ 70ml of rumen  uid. The parameters such as pH and micronutrients were optimized for enhanced biohydrogen production. The pH 6 produced comparatively higher biohydrogen of 29.64 μmol/ 70ml of rumen fluid among the pH 4, 5 and 7. The Micronutrients such as Ferrous, Magnesium and Potassium in the concentration of 0.5M produced higher amount of biohydorgen when compared to other concentrations and the amount of biohydrogen produced was 274, 25.31 and 36.27/70 ml of the rumen fluid respectively.
Indian Veterinary Association
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