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Screening of maize (zea mays l.) genotypes for drought tolerance
B. T. Ninganur
A field experiment was conducted to screen maize genotypes for drought tolerance during 2013. Twelve genotypes were sown with randomization in three replications in a simple RCBD. During the course of investigation all morpho-physiological, biophysical, biochemical, growth, yield and yield attributes were studied at different crop growth stages. The morphological parameters, viz., plant height, leaf area, and dry matter accumulation in leaf, stem and cob were significantly higher in GK 3059, Pinnacle and Bio 9681 at all the stages. The genotypes GK 3059 and Pinnacle maintained higher photosynthetic rate and stomatal conductance at 60 and 90 DAS. The various biochemical parameters viz., total chlorophyll, SPAD values, proline, soluble sugars and potassium content in leaves were higher in GK 3059, Pinnacle and Bio 9681. The genotypes GK 3059, Bio 9544, Pinnacle and DKC 801, recorded significantly higher values for growth parameters viz., LAI, SLW, LAD, NAR, CGR and BMD. Anthesis-silking interval (ASI) was less in GK 3059, Bio 9681, 900 M Gold and Pinnacle. The genotypes GK 3059, Pinnacle, CP 828, DKC 801 and Bio 9681 recorded maximum RWC under severe moisture situation. Yield and yield components viz., cob weight, cob length, cob girth, test weight, number of seeds per cob, grain yield and harvest index were significantly higher in genotypes GK 3059, Bio 9681, Pinnacle and Arjun. Considering the performance of all the genotypes under severe moisture stress situation, the genotypes like, GK 3059, Bio 9681, Pinnacle and Arjun were realized better with higher plant height, total chlorophyll content, SPAD values, RWC, photosynthetic rate, proline content, soluble sugar content, potassium content and yield performance, whereas ASI was narrow in the former genotypes, while, the susceptible inbred lines viz., CP 848, DKC 801 and Bio 9544 registered lower values for above said traits. Further, it was noticed that ASI was also more in these susceptible genotypes
Crop Physiology
Screening of maize (zea mays l.) genotypes for drought tolerance