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    Osseous metaplasia within salivary mucocele in a dog
    (2016-06) Das, Arup; Shafiuzama, Mohamed; D'Souza, NJ; William, BJ; TANUVAS
    A 7-year-old male Dachshund weighing 9.5 kg was presented with a progressive swelling in the ventral neck region near the angle of mandible for the last 25 days. The swelling was soft with a hard fluctuating mass within it, and it had no pain. On fine needle aspiration, blood tinged mucous was observed. The rectal temperature, respiratory rate and pulse rate were within the normal range. The lateral radiograph of the neck region revealed a soft tissue swelling surrounding a radio-opaque mass with uneven border (Fig. 1). The case was tentatively diagnosed as salivary mucocele and it was decided to treat it surgically.
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    TANUVAS News Letter - November, 2015; 15(11)
    (TANUVAS, 2015-11) TANUVAS
    TANUVAS News Letter - November, 2015