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    A Novel Generalized Model for Constructing Reusable and Reliable Logic Gates using DNA
    (IEEE Computer Society, 1800) Zoraida, BSE; Arock, Michael; Ronald, BSM; Ponalagusamy, R; TANUVAS
    The biological Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) strand is found to be a promising computing unit. A novel strategy is described in this paper to design any logic gates with molecular beacons (MB) as input. A unique generalized algorithm for farming gatex is proposed in this paper. The implementation of the gates using the proposed algorithm and its operation are also presented. These gates require only one kind of bio- operation at each level. Unlike previous techniques. this method permits having any type of gate at each level and the proposed implementation doesn't require stratification. Further, this paper adopts a uniform representation for logical 0 and 1 for all gates which was not achieved in earlier works. Simulation to validate the generalized algorithm is also presented in this work.