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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996-12Assessment Of Different Procedures For In Vitro Maturation Of Goat OocytesSubrahmanyam Naidu, K(MAJOR); Venugopal Naidu, K; Rao, V.H; Devaraju, B
1995-11Comparative Evaluation of Pancuronium Bromide And Pipecuronium Bromide As Muscle Relaxants In DogsRamakrishna, O(MAJOR); Rao, K.V.; Venugopal Naidu, K; Dhana Lakshmi, N
1995-08Comparative Evaluation Of Perichondrial And Periosteal Grafts On Full-Thickness Femoral Trochlear Defects Of DogsRamakrishna, O(MAJOR); Lakshmipathi, G.V; Venugopal Naidu, K; Gopinath, S; Bharathi, S
1996-04Evaluation of Different Methods Of Capacitation Of Buffalo SpermatozoaRao, V.H(MAJOR); Krishna reddy, K; Venugopal Naidu, K; Amarnath, Dasari
2002-06Studies On Certain Aspects Of Uterine Enviornment And Therapeutic Management Of Repeat Breeding Crossbred CattleSeshagiri Rao, A(MAJOR); Venugopal Naidu, K; Durga Prasad Rao, V; Haragopal, V; Mouli Krishna, Kosaraju
1993-12Studies On Meniscal Repair With Exogenous Fibrin Clot And Urinary Bladder Epithelium In CaninesRama Krishna, O(MAJOR); Venkateswara rao, N; Venugopal Naidu, K; Gopinadh, S; Padma, P
1995-08Studies On Ruptured Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction In CaninesRamakrishna, O(MAJOR); Lakshmipathi, G.V; Venugopal Naidu, K; Gopinath, S; Veena, P
1994-06Studies On Seasonal Variation In Physico-Chemical Characteristics Of Native Buck Semen(Capra Hircus)VenkatamuniChetty, A(MAJOR); Venugopal Naidu, K; Lakshmipathi, G.V; Srinivas, M
1997-10Studies On The Effect Of Acepromazine Maleate And Triflupromazine Hydrochloride On Electroanaesthesia In CalvesVenkateswara rao, N(MAJOR); Venkateswara rao, K; Venugopal Naidu, K; Suresh Babu, Kadiyala
1993-05Studies On The Effect Of Epidural Pentazocine And Xylazine In CaninesVenkateswara rao, K(MAJOR); Lakshmipathi, G.V; Venugopal Naidu, K; Simhachalam, Y
1994-04Studies On The Effect Of Glucose Concentration On The Extradural Spread Concentration On The Extradural Spread Of 0.5% Bupivacaine In Buffaloe CalvesRamakrishna, O(MAJOR); Rao, K.V; Venugopal Naidu, K; Ravi Krishna, M
2001-09Studies On The Efficacy of Certain Treatment Regimen In The Prevention Of Retention Of Fetal Membranes And To Hasten The Involution Of Uterus In Crossbred Cows Under Field ConditionsSeshagiri Rao, A(MAJOR); Venugopal Naidu, K; Sreenu, Makkena; Kalesha, Shaik
2000-09Studies On The Efficacy Of Certain Treatment Regimens On Involution Of Uterus In Crossed Cows With Retained Foetal MembranesSeshagiri Rao, A(MAJOR); Venugopal Naidu, K; Sreenu, Makkena; Ranganadham, M; Satyanarayana, A; Sivamoorthy, S
1994-10Studies On The Efficiency Of Demineralized Bone Matrix Combinations In Femoral Fracture Repair In CaninesRamakrishna, O(MAJOR); LakshmiPathi, G.V.; Venugopal Naidu, K; Sreeraman, P.K; Venkata Suresh Kumar, Rayadurgam
1994-10Survivability Of Calves Reared In Organised Dairy FarmsSreenivasa Moorthy, P.R(MAJOR); Venugopal Naidu, K; Narasaiah Naidu, K; Ramesh Kumar, Chintham