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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Agricultural Productivity in Deras Command - A Case StudyNanda, Prabhakar; Panda, Rabindra Kumar; Singh, Ravender; Kundu, D. K.
2006Blending of Advance and Traditional Technologies for Watershed ManagementKar, Gouranga; Kumar, Ashwani; Singh, Ravender
2005Canal sechita anchalare sthayi krushi utpadana nimitta unnata jala parichalana kaushalaSingh, Ravender; Kundu, D. K.; Mohanty, Rajeeb. Kumar.; Ghosh, Souvik; Kumar, A; Kannan, K; Chaudhari, S. K.
2009Characterisation of Dominant Soil Subgroups of Eastern India for Formulating Water Management StrategiesSingh, Ravender; Kundu, D. K.; Kumar, Ashwani
-Crop Diversification in Rainfed Upland Rice Area of Eastern IndiaKar, Gouranga; Singh, Ravender; Verma, Harsh Nath
-Crop Diversification Possibilities under Different Agro-Ecosystems of IndiaSingh, Ravender; Chaudhari, S. K.; James, B. K.
2003Crop Diversification Technology in Rainfed Upland Rice Area of Eastern India for Increased Productivity and Rainwater Use Efficiencykar, Gouranga; Singh, Ravender; Verma, H. N.
2004Farm-Level Constraints to Efficient Use of Canal Water in Coastal Orissa And Some Technological Interventions to Enhance Crop ProductionSingh, Ravender; Ghosh, Souvik; Kundu, D. K.; Kannan, K; Verma, H. N,
2002Hydro-Physical Characteristics of Orissa Soils and their Water Management ImplicationsSingh, Ravender; Kundu, D. K.; Verma, H. N.
2006Irrigation Induced Soil Degradation in Mula Command Area of Western MaharashtraChaudhari, s. K.; Singh, Ravender; Singandhupe, R. B.; Mahadkar, U. V.; Kumar, Ashwani
2002Participatory Rural Appraisal Technique for Research Prioritization to Improve Productivity of Rainfed Upland EcosystemKar, Gouranga; Singh, Ravender; Reddy, G. P.; Kanan, K; Verma, H. N.
2006PRA Study for Resource Characterization in a Tribal Dominated WatershedKar, Gouranga; Kumar, Ashwani; Singh, Ravender; Pal, A
2004Productive and Profitable Management of Rainfed Lowland Rice Area Through Intensive Cropping and Efficient Water Usekar, Gouranga; Singh, Ravender; Verma, H. N.
1998Rainwater Harvesting in Plateau Region of Orissa - Potential, Prospects and Technology PackageSrivastava, Ramesh Chandra; Singh, Ravender; Kundu, D. K.
2005Raised and Sunken Bed Technique for Improving Water Productivity in LowlandsSingh, Ravender; Kundu, D. K.; Mohanty, Rajeeb K.; Ghosh, Souvik; Kumar, Ashwani; Kannan, K
2006Soils of Chhattisgarh: Characteristics and Water Management OptionsSingh, Ravender; Chaudhari, S. K.; Kundu, D. K.; Sengar, S. S.; Kumar, Ashwani
2008Technologies for Improving Farm-Level Water Productivity in Canal CommandsSingh, Ravender; Kundu, D. K.; Kannan, K; Thakur, A. K.; Mohanty, R. K.; Kumar, Ashwani
2005Wet-seeding in soptThakur, A. K.; James, B. K,; Singh, Ravender; Kundu, D. K.; Roychowdhury, S