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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Analytical Study on Transformation of Tribals Through Fish Collection Cooperative Societies in Southern RajasthanSharma, F. L.; Sharma, Poonam
2008An analytical study on transformation of tribals through fish collection cooperative societies in southern RajasthanSharma, F.L.; Sharma, Poonam
2016Antibiotic resistance among commercially available probiotic lactobacilli.Tomar, S.K.; Sharma, Poonam
2020Bacterial consortium interactions in changing climate for mitigating abiotic stress in summer mungbeanSharma, Poonam; Suman
2012Behaviour of indigenous plant growth promoting rhizo bacteria under different stress conditionsKanwar, S.S.; Sharma, Poonam
2016Characterization of phosphate solubilising and mineralizing bacteria from grain legumesSharma, Poonam; Jha, Satyendra Kumar
2019Comparison of shelf life and bioefficacy of liquid and charcoal based biofertilizer in chickpeaSharma, Poonam; Anjali
2018Development of consortium biofertilizer in summer mungbean [Vigna radiata L. (Wilczek)] under salt stressed conditionsSharma, Poonam; Kailash Chand
2017Development of microbial consortium for plant growth promotion of soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merrill)Sharma, Poonam; Inderjeet Singh
2020Development of plant growth promoting microbial consortium for alleviating abiotic stress in soybeanSharma, Poonam; Rajveer Kaur
1998Development of Preserved Products from Kinnow mandarin and their Nutritional EvaluationSehgal, Salil; Sharma, Poonam
1985Effect of hydrogen uptake strains of rhizobium on moong (Vigna radiata L.)Chahal, V. P. S; Sharma, Poonam
2002Effect of incorporation of fullfat and defatted legume flours on the accepatbility and nutritional quality of maize productionDhaliwal, Y.S.; Sharma, Poonam
2004Floristic Dynamics And Distribution Pattern Of Woody Plants In KinnaurSehgal, R.N.; Sharma, Poonam
1993Fluoride Content of food arid potable water and its intake in adults of a fluorotic VillageMehta, Usha; Sharma, Poonam
2019Impact of phosphate solubilizing and mineralizing bacteria on phosphorus acquisition, symbiosis and yield of chickpeaSharma, Poonam; Shilpa O
2016Isolation and characterization of endophytic bacteria from rice (Oryza sativa L.)Sharma, Poonam; Gurjot Kaur
2006Nutritive quality evaluation of different products prepared from composite flours of maize and linseedModgil, Rajni; Sharma, Poonam
2006Nutritive Quality Evaluation Of Different Products Prepared From Composite Flours Of Maize And LinseedModgil, Rajni; Sharma, Poonam; CSK Himachal Pradesh Krishi Vishvavidyalaya; Palampur