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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-02Ameliorating new capacities to translate the gap for the improvement of livestock production and HealthcareKota, Sathish; Harini, Challa; Karishma, K; Madan, S; Priyadharshini, K; Divya Bharathi, B; Thyiagarajan, S; Valentina Claudet, P; Dhinakar Raj, G; Raman, M; TANUVAS
2020-02Amine Functionalized Magnetic and aptamer Conjugated Gold Nanoparticles based Oxytetracycline Detection from milk samplesRuth Sophila, J; Viswanathan, K; Dhinakar Raj, G; Raman, M; TANUVAS
2013Characterization of Excretory/Secretory Antigens of Various Species of Ovine AmphistomesSoundararajan, C; Raman, M; Senthilkumar, T.M.A.; Vijayashanthi, R; TANUVAS
2020-02Correlation between electrical conductivity and somatic cell counts in identifying subclinical mastitis in cowsPradeep, S; Umadevi, S; Pratap, S; Senthil Kumar, TMA; Raman, M; Dhinakar Raj, G; TANUVAS
2020-02Development and Validation of KetoQuant – A novel bovine milk-based ketosis test kitUma Devi, S; Raman, M; Dhinakar Raj, G; TANUVAS
2009Development of Eimeria Brunetti Specific PCRRaj, G. Dhinakar; Raman, M; Aarthi, S; TANUVAS
2020-02Efficacy of Teat Protect spray in prevention of bovine mastitisKaruppannan, Chitra; Raman, M; Suganya, S; Dhinakar Raj, G; TANUVAS
2020-02Efficiency of recombinant DiT33 and DiTCTP antigens towards early detection of Dirofilaria immitis infection in dogsRevathi, B; Raman, M; Vijayakumar, R; Azhahianambi, P; TANUVAS
2020-02Evaluation of contraceptive effect of recombinant E.coli-expressed canine and porcine zona pellucida proteins in female beagle dogsVijayashanthi, R; Madan, N; Raman, M; Azhahianambi, P; TANUVAS
2020-02Evan’s Syndrome – A cross sectional study of positive cases detected by flowcytometryVimal, M; Chitra, K; Thiyagarajan, S; Raman, M; TANUVAS
2012-08Factors influencing on prevalence of Cryptosporidium infection in south Indian dairy calvesVenu, R; Latha, B.R.; Basith, S. Abdul; Sreekumar, C; Raj, G. Dhinakar; Raman, M; TANUVAS
2020-02Genotype and gene frequencies of A1 and A2 β-casein genes in native and cross bred cattle of Tamil NaduValentina Claudet, P; Azhahianambi, P; Aravindh Babu, RP; Raman, M; Dhinakar Raj, G; TANUVAS
2009Health Assessment of Asiatic Wild Dogs (Cuon alpinus) in Captive and Free-Ranging AreasJayathangaraj, M.G.; Sridhar, R; Raman, M; Kumar, K. Satheesh; TANUVAS
2000Immunoprophylaxis Against Boophilid TicksRajavelu, G; Raman, M; TANUVAS
2010Molecular Detection of Pathogenic Leptospires from Animal and Environmental SamplesRavikumar, G; Prabhakar, T.G.; Raman, M; Subash, K; TANUVAS
2009Molecular Speciation of Eimeria in ChickenRaman, M; Basith, S. Abdul; Raj, G. Dhinakar; Rao, P. Venkateswara; TANUVAS
2005Multiple anthelmintic resistance in gastrointestinal nematodes from Mecheri sheep in an organized farm in Tamil NaduArunachalam, K; Raman, M; Jeyathilakan, N; Karunanithi, K; TANUVAS
2011A note on the occurrence of ectoparasites of bats in Tamil NaduJeyathilakan, N; Raman, M; Vanitharani, J; Basith, S Abdul; TANUVAS
2006A note on the occurrence of Parabronema smithi in wild elephantThilakan, N Jeya; Raman, M; Gomathinayagam, S; John, Lalitha; TANUVAS
2020-02A novel doorstep canine haemoprotozoan diagnostic service – A preliminary survey in ChennaiVenkatesan, M; Nivetha, S; Azhiahanambi, P; Raman, M; Dhinakar Raj, G; TANUVAS