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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1993-09Efficacy Of Certain Indigenous Drugs Against Ascaridiasis And Caecal Coccidiosis in PoultryHafeez, Md.(MAJOR); Ramakrishna reddy, P; Venkateswarulu, U; Umamaheswara rao, S; Sreelakshmi, B
1998-06Epidemiological Studies On Lamb Mortality In Andhra Pradesh With Particular Reference To Clinico-Therapeutic Aspects Of Helminthic InfestationsChodhuri, P.C(MAJOR); Alaha Singar, N; Hafeez, Md.; Ramakrishna reddy, P; Padmanabha reddy, Maddali
1990-06Parasites Of Domestic Pigs In Andhra PradeshRadhakrishna reddy, K(MAJOR); Ramakrishna reddy, P; Krishna Reddy, K; Sivaramakrishnaiah, K; Venkateswara rao, N
1995-08Studies On Ectoparasites Of Domestic Fowl In And Around Tirupati (Andhra Pradesh)Hafeez, Md(MAJOR); Ramakrishna reddy, P; Subba rao, M.V.; Sreedevi, A
1992-08Studies On Environmental Pollution By Certain Parasites Of Public Health Importance In And Around Tirupathi,AndhrapradeshHafeez, Md.(Major); Ramakrishna reddy, P; Nisar Amhed, M; Umamaheshwara rao, S; Raja Sekhar, Billa
1990-12Studies On Immune Response Due To Echimococcosis In Dogs And Secondary Echinococcosis In Mice Employing Immuobinding AssaysGangadhara rao, Y.V.B(MAJOR); Subba Rao, M.V; Ramakrishna reddy, P; Subba reddy, K.V; Madhubala, M
1995-08Studies On Prevalence Of External And Gastro-Intestinal Parasitic Infections In Laboratory Animals With Special Reference To Coccidiosis In RabbitsHafeez, Md(MAJOR); Ramakrishna reddy, P; Venkateswarulu, U; Malakondaiah, P
1994-07Studies On The Incidence Of Mange In Certain Domestic AnimalsHafeez, (MAJOR); Ramakrishna reddy, P; Subba rao, M.V; Sambasiva rao, K
1992-10Studies On The Incidence Of Protozoan Parasites Of Cattle And Buffaloes In Andhra Pradesh Along With Certain Haematological And Biochemical Changes In Theileria Annulata InfectionHafeez, (MAJOR); Ramakrishna reddy, P; Subba rao, M.V; Gopal Naidu, N.R; Chengalya Rayulu, V