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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992-11Determination Of Effective Protein Degradability Of Important Protein Supplements In Native Goats And SheepRama Prasad, J(MAJOR); Krishna, N; Venka Reddy, D; RaviKumar, Allamsetty
1999-01Development And Evaluation Of Complete Rations Containing Lugume Hays In Nellore SheepRama Prasad, J(MAJOR); Prabhakar rao, Z; Srinivas Rao, D; Krishna reddy, K; Krishna Murthy, U.G
1989-10Evaluation Of Certain Crop Residues By Nylon Bag Technique Using Fistulated RamsRama Prasad, J(MAJOR); Parthasarathy, M; Raj reddy, M; Subba Reddy, K.V.; Ramachandra rao, Arikathota
1996-10Evaluation Of Complete Rations Containing Different Leguminous Fodder Crops In Nellore SheepRama Prasad, J(MAJOR); Prabhakar rao, Z; Srinivasa rao, D; Krishnamacharyulu, E; Dhanunjayudu, T
1994-09On Station And On-Farm Evalution Of Native Goats And Sheep Fed Cotton Seed Hulls And Unconventional Concentrate Supplement Under Intensive SystemRama Prasad, J(MAJOR); Garudoji, A; Venka Reddy, D; Ramanaiah, J.V.
1990-10Studies On protein Degradability Of Important Basal Feeds In Fistulated SteersRama Prasad, J(MAJOR); Krishna, N; Subba reddy, K.V; Achyutha Gangadhar, Makineedi
1997-06Studies On Supplementation Of Dry Leguminous Forages To Green Colonial Rass Based Rations In Nellore Brown SheepRama Prasad, J(MAJOR); Prabhakara rao, Z; Srinivasa rao, D; Vara prasad, P.V
1996-10Studies on The Effect Of Different Feeding Systems On Yield And Composition Of milk,Nutrient Digestibility And Growth Performance Of Punganur CattleRama Prasad, J(MAJOR); Ramachandra reddy, R; Suresh, J; Venkata ramana, K
1988-08Studies On The Effect Of Supplementation Of Bypass Protein And Or Energy To Hybrid Napier On The Performance Of Nellore Weaner LambsRama Prasad, J(MAJOR); Anjaneya Prasad, D; Seshi Reddy, B; Pratap Reddy, Vallela
1996-09Studies On The Rumen Fermentation Pattern,Nitrogen Utilization And Nutrient Digestibility Of Rice Straw Supplemented With Different Forms Of Urea In Fistulated SteersRama Prasad, J(MAJOR); Prabhakara rao, B; Ramachandra Reddy, R; Srinivasa reddy, A